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Hayes Scott Bonino & Ellingson, LLP, headquartered in Skyway Road, California, has significant experience prosecuting and defending class action lawsuits in California state courts as well as federal courts. Class action lawsuits are unlike other forms of commercial litigation.

California Class Action Lawsuits

Our firm has handled a number of class action lawsuits. Our lawyers are familiar with the legal procedures for certifying a class and providing notice to members of the class, either through mail or publication. We are prepared to prosecute and defend class action lawsuits in California state courts as will as handling federal class action lawsuits.

Class action lawsuits allow large groups of individuals to pool their resources in order pursue compensation for a wrong that may not be feasible to seek redress for individually. On the other hand, businesses often seek to have case brought as class action in an effort to avoid defending hundreds or even thousands of individual lawsuits.

Our firm has prosecuted and defended class action lawsuits in relation to unfair competition, unfair business practices, false advertising, consumer protection, employment practices, and securities fraud. We have an extensive understanding of the unique procedures associated with handling class action lawsuits. When appropriate, we understand how to have a case removed from state jurisdiction and moved to federal jurisdiction.

Class action lawsuits are complex and involve procedures that are not common to other types of litigation. Hayes Scott Bonino & Ellingson, LLP has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to prosecute and defend class action lawsuits in state and federal courts.

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Contact the class action lawyers at Hayes Scott Bonino & Ellingson, LLP. We serve clients in Northern and Southern California, including the Silicon Valley, Orange County, and San Diego regarding the defense or prosecution of a class action lawsuit.