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Choosing an Attorney

Finding the Right Lawyer at the Right Time

Not every lawyer is right for a particular assignment. When businesses and individuals call the Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP, law firm in San Carlos City, it is because they want an attorney experienced with business matters and skilled in litigation.

When the Case Is Important to Your Business…

  • Choose an attorney who shares your sense of urgency. Whether you are suing or being sued, plaintiff or defendant, any lawsuit or dispute can rapidly become an important, even defining, event in the history of a business.
  • Choose a lawyer who is responsive and has an ability to act quickly. Many cases come to our law firm weeks or even days before trial. We cut through to what is important, organize the facts, find the most effective arguments and argue the case vigorously and well.
  • Choose an attorney who will enforce your rights. If you have a contract with a much larger company, for example, you need representation that stands up to the challenge and is clearly on your side in every conference, every negotiation, every moment in a courtroom.
  • Choose a lawyer who knows California laws and courts. Many of our clients count on our knowledge of California law to represent their interests in the state. Insurance companies, for example, know that we have a thorough knowledge of California insurance law.

When the Stakes Are High…

Our law firm also handles transactional law, including real estate and intellectual property. Because of our extensive litigation experience, we know the importance of getting the deal done right the first time. We pay attention to detail, the details that can come back to haunt a company or individual if they are not ironed out at the start.

Choosing the Right Attorney For Your Case

When we started Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP, it was with the intent of becoming a litigation law firm with the ability to respond quickly to client needs, evolving and gaining new skills as client needs evolved. Because of our work, we have earned a reputation as responsive litigators. Contact us to discuss your business legal requirements.