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Copyright is automatic, but in order to file a lawsuit to protect a copyright, it must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Registering is easy, inexpensive and can be accomplished without a lawyer.

If you are concerned about copyright infringement, however, call the Silicon Valley intellectual property transaction and litigation attorneys at the Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP, law firm in San Carlos City.

If a copyright is important to you or your business, it should be registered as a first step in maintaining and defending your copyright. It will strengthen your case, should you be threatened with copyright infringement.

  • Copyrights are important for a wide range of creative products, including software, books, photos, art, song lyrics, musical scores, movies and screenplays.
  • Copyright and trademark registration is a prerequisite for a broad scope of remedies.
  • The Internet provides many opportunities for displaying copyrighted materials, but it also opens more opportunities for theft.

Our law firm helps clients protect their copyrights. We also help clients who need advice about what they can and cannot use. Using copyrighted materials can create legal problems for violation of copyright.

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We are proud of our record of offering successful advice and legal representation for individuals and firms of all sizes and tax configurations doing business in California. Whether you are an individual or a business — whatever your industry — protecting your printed matter, slogan or logo is critical to protecting your financial interests in the marketplace. Talk to one of our attorneys today.

Taking Action in Copyright, Trademark and Servicemark Violations

If you notice a violation of a copyright, trademark or service mark, the best defense begins with immediate action. In a world where written words, art, photos, videos and music can be rapidly disseminated, it is important to consult an experienced intellectual property lawyer. Contact us to discuss your copyright concerns.