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Why should my business have a litigation attorney by our side from the start of a dispute?

If you have an impending lawsuit on the horizon, you might be wondering if it’s urgent to hire an attorney right away, or if you can afford to wait a while. There are some key reasons why waiting to hire an attorney could be costly and could hurt your chances of winning your suit. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s wise to hire an attorney as soon as you know that a lawsuit is imminent.

Evidence may be time-sensitive

An attorney will often look for evidence to use in your case that you might not have thought to look for. Some types of evidence are time-sensitive – meaning that it might not exist anymore if you try to seek it later.

Video footage gets deleted, property damage gets repaired and witnesses move out of state or even die. If you hire an attorney early on in the dispute, they will work to obtain this evidence as quickly as possible, while it’s still usable in court.

Expert witnesses can take time to arrange

When you hire an attorney, you are paying them in part for the use of their network of contacts. An attorney may know the perfect expert witness to bring a solid persuasive edge to your case, and can arrange for that witness to testify.

If your attorney can get to work as quickly as possible, it will be more likely that they’ll be able to arrange for the needed expert witnesses to be available on the date of your trial.

Don’t risk missing a statute of limitations

Each state has different rules for how long you can wait before bringing a legal claim for various wrong-doings (known as statutes of limitations). An attorney will be familiar with your state’s statutes of limitations and will make sure that you don’t miss a filing deadline and lose your ability to present your case.

Attorneys can be expensive. But delaying hiring one can end up costing you much more. If your case is time-sensitive, it’s best to consult with and hire an attorney as early on in the dispute as possible.