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Intellectual Property Litigation

Disputes arising out of trademark, copyright, licensing and other IP issues need the attention of lawyers with experience in complex business litigation.

The San Francisco commercial IP litigation attorneys at Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP represent clients who are involved in IP disputes. You can count on our law firm for responsive, knowledgeable representation. With IP disputes, as with most business disputes, our clients want a law firm willing and able to begin work on a case immediately.

Large, multinational companies and small, local companies can become embroiled in IP litigation — sometimes with each other. We understand the importance of the dispute and the need to get it resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. A number of situations can cause an IP dispute, including licensees exceeding or misusing a license, trademark or copyright infringement, breaking a non-compete or trade secrets agreement and unauthorized use of a service mark or patented product.

Our firm represents clients in a broad range of California and national companies, across a broad range of industries, including:

  • Internet travel services
  • Consumer products manufacturing companies, housewares, furniture
  • Industrial products manufacturers and service providers
  • Environmental services and products providers
  • National and international consumer and industrial electronics companies
  • Computer software businesses
  • Computer hard drive, chip manufacturers and hardware companies
  • Print and broadcast media
  • Technical licensing businesses
  • Entertainment businesses
  • Biochemical and research companies

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IP disputes often involve complex issues. We know the law, and we understand your sense of urgency. Contact us to discuss your concerns about an IP dispute.