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Business Directors and Officers Defense Against Liability

Accusations against board members and corporate officers harm the individuals involved and the company. Reputations, careers, customers and profits are at risk in a liability lawsuit.

If your company’s directors or officers face lawsuits from shareholders, other corporations or members of the public, turn to a law firm with extensive courtroom experience, business knowledge and a well-earned reputation for responsiveness. Call the San Francisco directors and officers liability attorneys at Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP, in San Carlos City.

We are committed to representing clients throughout the state of California dealing with claims involving negligence on the part of corporate and nonprofit directors, officers and board members. If you have questions about fiduciary responsibility involving a transaction or dispute, start by getting straight answers from an experienced lawyer at our firm.

A California Professional Liability Legal Practice

Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of California directors and officers (D & O) liability coverage. As a leading professional liability firm in California, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to effectively prosecute or defend any D & O claim.

  • In a derivative action lawsuit, a shareholder may accuse the officers and directors of failing to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.
  • Lawsuits against officers and directors can address many types of allegations — misuse of funds, failure to protect assets, failure to deal with dishonesty or criminal acts by employees of the corporation.
  • Lawsuits — especially those involving fraud or mismanagement — are a distraction for the board and the entire company. It is important to deal with them effectively and quickly.

The Established Help You Need

Increasingly, directors and officers are held to a high standard of performance by government agencies, shareholders and the public. When faced with accusations, it is best to deal with them as soon as possible and with the counsel of lawyers experienced in professional liability litigation. Contact us to discuss your litigation concerns.