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If a lawyer makes a mistake, that mistake can be costly for the client. If the client decides to sue the lawyer, the lawyer needs a lawyer experienced in professional negligence defense. The attorneys at Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP, in San Carlos City, have the necessary experience and capabilities.

As an experienced litigation law firm, we know that malpractice suits brought against attorneys and law firms are often extremely costly and time consuming. Whether the damages are related to the reputation of an individual attorney or the business practices of the firm, we make every effort to ensure the case is handled with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The first step our San Francisco legal malpractice attorneys take is to consult with the accused lawyer and the insurance company to determine whether there was a mistake. Mistake or no mistake, it is important to sort through the evidence and limit the damages in terms of reputation and financial liability.

  • If an attorney failed to file a case within the time constraints of the statute of limitations, the client lost the right to sue.
  • A client may feel that a lawyer failed to protect the client’s rights in negotiations to settle a claim.
  • In a criminal case, a client may have received ineffective counsel.

Whatever the issues involved, we are prepared to negotiate a settlement or litigate the matter, depending on the facts and the needs of our client.

Your Firm for Legal Negligence Defense

A professional liability lawsuit is serious and needs to be handled carefully. You can count on the legal team at Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson Guslani Simonson & Clause, LLP. Contact us to discuss a legal malpractice lawsuit.